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Aurora Red Light Mini

The ARL Mini is small yet powerful, and our most portable Red Light treatment available. The Mini is designed for targeted treatment on specific areas such as your face, joints or smaller regions of the muscle. Select from using Red Light (660nm) and Infrared Light (850nm) at the same time or individually depending on your needs. With the latest optical lens technology, the ARL mini ensures high-efficiency light penetration for directed treatment. 


Aurora Red light Plus+

The ARL Plus+ is our largest Light Therapy unit which is perfect for half to full body treatment, such as the chest, abdomen or back. Easily connect multiple devices together using our latest daisy chain technology and mount easily on your door with our included door mount for effortless setup. Set your inbuilt programmable timer on to your desired time and incorporate structured timed therapy as part of your regular wellness routine.


The Dome Sauna

The Dome Sauna is an infrared portable sauna that has been beautifully engineered to enclose the user in 360 degrees of infrared heat. The Dome Sauna provides the identical infrared heat as a regular cabin sauna but in a compact and versatile fashion. Using an exclusive hybrid of carbon & ceramic far-infrared heaters called True Wave® Heaters, they offer the lowest EMF available.